About Us


What is R.U.F.F.?

R.U.F.F. is aRedlands Unleashed Fidos & Friends. R.U.F.F. is a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation made up of community-minded volunteers.

R.U.F.F. built the Redlands Dog Park with donated funds and created a safe, fenced-in space in Redlands in which dogs and their owners can socialize.

R.U.F.F. promotes responsible dog ownership and healthy canine behavior to help strengthen the canine-human bond through socialization, exercise, companionship, learning, and fun. 

With the Dog Park built and now maintained by the City, we have turned our efforts to assisting shelters and rescues, helping with medical care, spay/neuter programs, shelter, and other needs. 

We also seek to provide humane education to the public and assistance to animal related causes.

For more information about Redlands Dog Park, please visit our web site


dog park groundbarking

R.U.F.F. Founder and R.U.F.F. Ride Chairperson, Elizabeth Kulbin, breaks ground at the Dog Park "Ground Barking" event in 2011.
 Fundraising events like the R.U.F.F. RIDE helped R.U.F.F. raise the funds to build and maintain the Redlands Dog Park



The Redlands R.U.F.F. RIDE & WALK is a bike ride/fun walk/dog walk that benefits animals!